How to add a tag using tag manager in ActiveCampaign

One of ActiveCampaign’s great features is its ability to tag your contacts based on their interests or who they are – for example are they a subscriber or buyer/customer, have they opted-in to receive a free PDF or other content?

In my last post HERE, I talked about getting started with tagging and creating a framework before you start. There’s also a handy spreadsheet for you to download to get you started. ┬áRead the post first so you’ll start off on the right foot from the outset – I’ll wait…

All done – got your framework and spreadsheet all set up and shared with your team?

In this video, I’m going to walk you through how to add a tag using tag manager in ActiveCampaign, delete, merge, edit and search for tags, but first I start with where to find the tag manager, as it’s not in the most obvious place…

Using the Tag Manager is pretty straightforward and once you’ve created your tags, you can go ahead and segment your lists, add tags or remove tags in automations and so on. To begin with it does take a bit of getting your head round and certainly thinking about how you will tag. Once you’ve got the concept and created your framework – there’ll be no stopping you!

How have you got on using tags in your email marketing?


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