What is tagging in ActiveCampaign?

Tagging allow you to add a tag to individual contacts; it’s a way of segmenting or labelling them based on interests. Tags will determine what message they’ll receive from you.

In today’s video I’m going to show you how to properly set up tagging in ActiveCampaign. I also discuss setting up a framework before you start tagging your contacts.

What’s a Tagging Framework?

Glad you asked…

My top tip if you’re new to ActiveCampaign is to sit down, brainstorm and plan how you will use the tagging feature before you start off the cuff tagging. When you first start using tags you may only have a few, as I do.  However, as your system grows, unless you have some kind of system in place from the beginning, things can quickly become a mess.

Start by creating a framework for your tags before you start. Tags should be grouped according to function and clearly labelled.  Create a spreadsheet with your tag framework, including a separate sheet for all the tags you’ve created and a description. At present ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a way of adding a description. Hopefully, that will be something they add in the future.

Here’s a screenshot of my tagging framework.

How to properly tag in ActiveCampaign

Download my tagging framework in Google Forms – I’m happy to share my framework with you to get you started.  No need to opt-in – you can access it HERE.

Onto the video where I go into more detail on tagging and best practices for tagging:

One final note – share your tagging framework with your team, so you’re all working to the same system.

Plan now – you’ll thank me later!


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