Mental triggers are the cornerstone of how you conduct your launch.  You get these mental triggers right, they’ll stay with you.


  • Telling stories is one of the mental triggers that should be the foundation of your online launch.
  • What you do is create a story that goes throughout your entire launch.
  • Nothing is more engaging that a story.
  • Your entire launch is a story arc.

 Event based

  • You want to make your launch event based.
  • People love events and the feeling they are part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Providing a community to go through it together.


  • Virtual communities are really strong.  You only have to look at the success of Facebook and Linkedin Groups.
  • Create a community through your marketing.

Social proof

  • People look to other people for clues on how to act.  If lots of other people are buying your product, other people will follow suit.
  • If you can show that other people are buying your product and having success, then you’re on to a winner.


  •  When there is less of something people will want it more.  I.e.  People will go to amazing lengths to get that ‘in’ toy at Christmas.


  • People will follow others in authority.
  • You can establish huge authority in your prelaunch just by giving away good content.


  • Few things capture our attention and pique our interest more than anticipation.
  • This is how people get pulled into your launch – it’s what keeps people reading your marketing.
  • We all look forward to events, holidays, sports events – we love the anticipation and build up to an event.


  •  Show people that your stuff works.


  • Grab and hold people’s attention through controversy.

 Commitment and consistency

  • People would rather talk than listen.
  • People will pay attention to a conversation longer than a lecture.  Try and make your launch feel like a conversation.


  • If you give something to someone, they’ll generally want to give you something in return.
  • Give great stuff/content and people will naturally want to give back to you.


  •  You don’t want to be predictable.


  •  People buy from people they know, like and trust.


  •  Put out content that shows your credibility.  During a launch you have lots of opportunities to prove that you’re credible.

 Reason why

  • ‘Because’ is a very powerful word.
  • If you can give a reason why because… this is so powerful.


  •  Keep your messaging simple.

TAKE ACTION: Spend 10 minutes brainstorming how you could use some of the above mental triggers during your launch.

Happy Launching…

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