If you don’t launch your online training out into the world this year where your audience can benefit from it now.

Then when will you?

Do you sometimes feel you’re on a roller coaster in your business?

One minute you’re on a high, really excited about your new offering because you wholeheartedly know what a difference it’s going to make to your audience… but wait, you’re also experiencing the lows because the prospect of learning all the technology is giving you the heebie jeebies.


  • I can’t get to grips with the nitty gritty of learning all the online technology and making sure x and y talk to each other nicely.
  • I’ve successfully launched previously but I’m done with the DIY.
  • I’ve launched previously but my attention to detail was lacking and I dropped a few balls.
  • I’m in the middle of a launch and need help right now with the tech aspects.
  • I’ve missed my launch date because I’m overwhelmed and totally lost.
  • I’m just plain exhausted from trying to do it all.

You need online tech support from a partner who understands online business and technology; has successfully worked on a number of online launches generating multi six figure incomes.

I’ve got you covered… I use the Kajabi membership software to host your online training which integrates nicely with ActiveCampaign for all your emails and marketing automations – just two pieces of software are all you need.

Anne has been my Launch Manager for my past few launches and, in large part due to her excellent managing skills and technical help, these launches have been my most successful, leading to a doubling or tripling of previous launch income and results.  She has a can-do attitude towards figuring out or learning anything she doesn’t know that is needed to make the launch better and has a nice way with people that helps in making for a good relationship with me and with my affiliates.

My only hesitation in recommending her is that when word gets out about how good she is, she will be so busy, I will have to wait in line to schedule her help for my launches. Bill O’Hanlon – Author

Contact me if you need help with Kajabi and ActiveCampaign