ActiveCampaign Additional Contact Information

Continuing our ActiveCampaign series, this week I’m focusing on all the additional information you’ll receive on your contacts.

Firstly, ActiveCampaign automatically tries to pull in your contacts location and social media profiles. So you can start to interact with your contacts on social media straight away.

You can also manually add any personal data, such as their website, telephone and add fields which you specify. For example you could add a date field for a client anniversary and automatically send them a thank you and offer on that date – how cool is that?

The contact information also shows which tags they’ve been assigned, which lists they’re on and which marketing automations they’re in.

Each contact has their own activity thread which builds a picture of everything they’ve received, opened, clicked, due to receive and notes added. ¬†ActiveCampaign also has site and event tracking – once it’s set up it can automatically pick up which pages on your website the contact has visited.

Enjoy the video below where I walk you through all the additional information…

This is incredibly powerful stuff and it’s all a bit mind-blowing.

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